Sandtray Therapy


Before sandtray therapy, we only had words to express our thoughts and feelings. Thankfully, Sandtray Therapy combines the power of words and images to create an experience that involves & ultimately heals the whole brain and body. It is a powerful therapy method and it can be used with children to adults.
In a session, I will invite you to create your world in the sand or I may give a more directive instruction such as make a tray about your family. I am then able to get a clearer look at your life to be able to help give you insight. In a session, you will use small objects called miniatures to make a representation of your world in the tray. After you have finished your world, we are then able to discuss what occurred for you during the building of your tray. Through the building and the processing of the tray many insights, emotions and answers are unlocked providing breakthroughs for you that just aren’t possible with words alone.


Why use sand though? Great question! There are actually a couple of reasons! Number 1: The use of touch activates memories that may not be triggered by words alone. Number 2: Sand enables miniatures to stand up and provide a medium that can be easily changed and shifted to represent your world more accurately. Additionally through the latest research, we have learned that information is first processed with pictures and THEN words are put to it. This really makes sense if you stop and think about it! We can process images WAY before we can words developmentally. I’ll explain further, our left brain stores words while our right brain stores images. When something bad happens, it can get stuck in the right part of our brain – without words. Sandtray allows us to put images to those words for a deeper understanding.

Using sandtray creates a richer more powerful experience and the results are that you, the client, get better faster. Connections are made throughout the brain and within the therapy session that prompt healing and growth at a rate that is just not possible with talk therapy alone. It’s truly one of the most powerful therapy methods for all ages! If I’ve peaked your interest and you want to learn more about sandtray therapy and how it can help you, contact me today to schedule your FREE 15 minute telephone consultation!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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